About Speedy Prepaid Solutions

Do you own or manage residential or commercial property? Or are you part of a body corporate for a townhouse complex or sectional title property? If you are a landlord that wants to avoid the shock of a huge electricity or water bill left by your tenant then we have the solution for you in the form of a prepaid electricity or water meter.

The meters are ideal for flats, townhouses, granny flats, outhouses, holiday apartments as well as business premesis such as retail & wholesale space, factories & office blocks.

With a prepaid meter you have complete control of your electricity or water because your tenant will have to buy prepaid vouchers / tokens before using the electricity or water making it impossible to run up the bill. These prepaid electricity & water vouchers / tokens can be purchased from various EasyPay outlets such as Shoprite/Checkers & PicknPay making it easy & convenient for tenants to top up.

Electricity & water rates are exactly the same as through the municipality.

Summary & Benefits . . .

1. Landlords have complete control.
2. No running up of bills.
3. Same rate as municipality.
4. Easy to install.
5. Cheap to install.
6. Ideal for landlords, property owners, property managers, letting agents, property investors, body corporates of sectional title property.
7. Ideal for residential & office blocks, individual flats, townhouses & granny flats, factories, retail & wholesale space & sporting facilities.
8. Vouchers widely available form leading outlets.
9. Vouchers available 24/7 via sms & internet.

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